VERDUN : Cheval , Tank , Dice

Après le succès de leur extension “Horrors of War”. Les devs de GamesRocket nous propose un compte rendu des plans du mois d’avril et nous parlent de la cavalerie de tanks de parachutes et d’une possible entente avec les gas de DICE  et Bf5 !

Welcome back to another Brief Verdun Community Development Update. After the successful launch of the “Horrors of War” expansion developers are now making serious plans for future features and content.

A serious community request since day 1 cavalry will be part of the existing frontline matches. Every faction will have a cavalry squad (German Uhlans, French Dragoons etc.) which can be used to effectively navigate the trenches and nomansland. First balance tests show a very positive impact on gameplay expressed by tester“X-BigDukeSix”:

“Cavalry obviously played a pivotal role in the trench warfare after 1915, with this update we feel both gameplay and realism are stepped up a notch”.

Leaked BF5:Verdun footage

More gore mechanics changes
Another big step forwards will be the changes in zoom distance and the complete removal of strafing from the game. The community has been extremely vocal about this, especially the competitive scene demanded more changes. According to community organiser “Fluffybunny”:
”We noticed that veteran players were still able to jumpshot somebody across the plains of picardie, further nerfing of the zoom is required”

Making longshots great again

The removal of strafe from the game means a departure from traditional FPS and common sense intuitive mechanics as we know it, thus transforming Verdun to a higher level of existence.

Finally this will bring zab back under control

Tanks and ™™Battlefield™™
Also the devs are working together with ™DICE™ on making a battlefield-Verdun crossover with vehicular sandbox gameplay the core of the new game. One of the major changes will be a departure of community friendly features such as massive free expansion packs with over 40 new weapons (did I mention free?) and instead going over to 70 dollar core game™.

prepare the parachutes

The Verdun Team wishes you a great month of April and a lot of fun playing “Horrors of War”.