VERDUN : “Horrors of War” Expansion Trailer

verdungoreAprés l’update gore et le démembrement  les équipes de Blackmiles & M2H continue leur travail acharné sur Verdun avec une toute nouvelle extension “Horrors of War”  complètement gratuite , remplie de contenus avec de nouvelle habilitées ,5 nouvelles escouades et pas loin d’une trentaine de nouvelles armes , un nouveaux mod “coop survival waves” , une nouvelle carte “Champagne” et pleins de fixes diverse et varié qui ravirons les amateurs du genre WWI !

New Squads:

Belgian Squad (Sentry Squad) US Doughboys (Rifle Squad) US Marines (Engineer Squad) German Schutzen (Sentry Squad) German Pioniers (Engineer Squad)

New Abilities:

Big Bertha 340mm Railway Smokescreen Phosphorus barrages

New Weapons:

Chauchat M1918 (U.S CSRG .30-06 M1918 ‘Chauchat’) Hotchkiss m1909 (Hotchkiss M1909 “Benét–Mercié” ) Madsen MG15na (Bergmann 1915 MG 15 n.A.) MG0818 (Maschinengewehr 08/18) T-Gewehr (Mauser M1918 Tankgewehr) BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle m1918 ‘BAR’) Berthier Mousqueton M16 (Mousqueton Mle. 1892 M16 ‘Berthier’) G88 (Mauser Model 1888) G89 (Mauser Model 1889) Kar88 (Mauser Model 1889 Carabine) Kar89 m1987 (Winchester Model 1897 ‘Trench Gun’) Metford (Lee Metford Mark II) P17 (M1917 Enfield) Ross (M1910 Mark III ‘Ross’) SMLE-Sawn (Lee Enfield Mark III* Sawn Off) Springfield( Model 1903 ‘Springfield’) Artillery Luger (Lange Pistole Parabellum 1908 ‘ArtilleryLuger’) C96 (Mauser C96 ‘Broomhandle’) FN1900 (FN Browning M1900) M1911 (M1911 Automatic Pistol) M1982 (Revolver de 8 mm modèle 1892) Reichsrevolver (Reichsrevolver M1883) RSC-17 (Fusil Automatique Mle. 1917) RSC-18 (Fusil Automatique Mle. 1918) Webley Scott (Webley Self-Loading Pistol MKI Model I) Wex (Wechselapparat M1917 ‘Wex’) (Flamethrower) Eierhandgranate (Eierhandgranate M1917) M1917 Geballte Ladung 6x M1917 Geballte Ladung 9x No. 34 Egg Grenade Stielhandgranate M1917


(scope)Gortz (scope)Aldis Model 1916 (scope)Telescopic Musket Sight M1913 Trench Magazine

New Entente Gasmasks:


Added gore:

Dismemberement Blood particles Improved ragdoll Death animations Screaming Blood pools Burning Corpses remain on the map longer

New animations

Overhauled all 1p animations Polished 3p animations

New Map:

Champagne(Night Raid map)(Close Quarters trench warfare)

New Gamemode:

Squad Defence – In this mode a squad of 4 players will fight off (unlimited) waves of bots, initially we will


Weapons now spawn eject cases You can now switch between scope and ironsight by pressing 3 Reduced sight FOV Fix for inactive MC(Truce Bug). This will make sure MCs(and other players) with active networkthread but a crashed or inactive game thread will inevitable time out & disconnect at some point. Sleeve fixes for Tommies Textual fixes Fixed ES appearing twice in language select Muzzleflash now is in 3p world space Ruby now has 9 bullets as it was more common Names can no longer contain BBcode Terrain material edits Changed/overhauled some loadouts with new weapon additions Increased weapon ammo for most pistols and some other weapons Chauchat buff: slight fire rate, hipfire accuracy improvement and more ammo Bash now also gives melee points Fixed Squad Anthem being cut off in some cases Fixed Killlfeed message displaying no space after a (bash) Melee weapons no longer shows 0/0 in bottom right corner Melee now also has impact on objects like bunkers, barbed wire and metal plates Added slight delay to gramaphone player to avoid instant transition 10 new gramaphone songs Fixed an issue with gasmask where it would appear on your weapon Frontlines no longer called Offensive On switching a role the button background no longer dissapears Squad Entries now show up in right order New Unity version Removed loadout description and replaced it by the actual content Improved death camera RDM no longer shows firstboot attrition text Tutorial animations work again Melee weapons now have a woosh sound when slashing/bashing Weaponimages re-render Inside Douaumont and other bunkers will cast 1P shadows Extra Attrition information when ran out of reinforcements Aisne Skybox seam removed New scope sights Unsight when jumping Uniform upgrade now localised and set correctly in progression tree. No more Landers 1914 copies. Gas collider now grows along with the particle Gas blinds faster, is less slightly less visible, slightly more lethal and makes a sounds upon impact Douaumont and Vauquois map pawn collision no longer overlap.
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