SQUAD : Release V8

Voila après l’arrivée de la version 7 et des véhicules cette version 8 nous offre une foule de corrections et d’optimisations et de contenus mais aussi de petites nouveautés sur le gameplay !

•Dans les grandes lignes une grosse optimisation des performances au niveau individuel que ça soit sur AMD ou INTEL grâce à la mise en place de meilleurs physics , animations , shaders dans le core du jeu ce qui donne 10x plus de performances et améliore les images par seconde dans les larges combats

Optimisations Changelog


Improved the game load time by assuming all packages were created with the latest version of the Unreal Engine. Improved the conversion of FNames to FStrings, bringing about a major improvement to the games startup time and a general performance boost while in game and spawning actors. Fixed incorrect inlining in C++ functions related to getting bone rotations, bringing about a modest performance increase with animating bodies. Improved the performance of the Serialize function, improving load times and network replication times. Improved Capture Zone Resource Components by removing their ability to tick. Optimized Soldier Ragdoll Component by ensuring location finding only happens on the server. Optimized Vehicle flipped traces to only run when the vehicle wheels are not touching the ground and only once a second. Optimized Placeable Map Markers by removing their tick dependencies. Optimized icons for soldiers, vehicles etc. by removing their tick dependencies and moving their state updates to C++ Deployables, Insurgency Caches, and Vehicle Wrecks have been set to static mobility, improving collision detection time. Optimized radial menu by reducing the number of layers to update. Moved compass to C++ and simplified the underlying logic. Optimized power cable tool to make use of splines for placement, and fixed a code issue causing all power lines to always be considered for rendering, also fixed their movability state and culling distance Fixed ejected gun shells colliding too many times. Optimized weapons by moving their Tick to C++ Fixed engine code going through all bones every tick and removing spaces, improving load times and object spawning time. For those with underperforming CPUs you can now use Low or Medium Effects Quality setting to reduce the CPU cost of effects. Their tick rate is now dependent upon your effects quality setting and many other effects have varying culling distances set based upon your Effect Quality setting. Improved performance on particle effects that used Ribbons. Footsteps, bullet impacts, muzzle effects, shell ejections, shockwaves, deployable effects, shovel effects, and many other particle effects will now cull based upon your Effect Quality setting and distance to them, previously they always ran PhysX raytraces even if they would never be seen or created. Streaming texture pool is now detected automatically based on your GPU, fixing a number of issues were incorrectly setting this value would cause massive performance problems. Major improvement to animation system: All variables have been fast path enabled and the main update threads are now multithreaded; The event graph has been moved to C++ running in parallel with the game thread (Note: We arent finished with this yet, More improvements are on the way). Simplified Vehicle Collision Bodies, using a smaller number of simpler shapes, improving physics performance with many vehicles. Improved the Vehicle Manager to update every vehicle in parallel, improving the physics performance with vehicles. Removed an unnecessary animating mesh from the soldier.

  • Les véhicules s’étoffent avec de nouveaux atouts comme pour le TECHNICAL avec un pod de rockets pas du tout précis mais bien dévastateurs et l’arrivée d’une tourelle télécommandée donnant plus de protection à sont tireur dans les HMMWV


Véhicules Changelog

Misc Changes

Intel required to reveal caches to the BLUFOR factions has been increased by 33% on 4k INS maps and 50% on 2k INS map respectively. Added exclusion zones to weapons caches for the Insurgency game mode, so that you cannot bury the cache in deployables. For this release the radius is set to 20m around the cache. Replaced about 50% of regular HMMWVs with the CROWS variant. Replaced about 50% of regular Dshk Technicals with a version that has a turret shield. Added scoring for vehicle drivers when their gunners kill something, rewarding the driver equally as it was a team effort. Reduced the ticket value on loss of a regular HMMWV to 12 (was 16). Zoom function on vehicle turrets such as the BTR-80 and the HMMWV with CROWS has been temporarily moved to Q so that number keys are freed up for vehicle inventories. Fixed HESCO walls facing the wrong way when you build them. (Double stacked layer now facing away from you) Removed redundant vehicles from several map layers. Mostly a few transport trucks on maps like Yehorivka, Kohat and Chora as well as the a few HMMWVs or Technicals on larger Insurgency layers. Vehicles now behave differently depending on the surface the wheels are contacting.

  • Pour ce qui est de l’armurerie nous voyons débarquer une nouvelle mitrailleuse lourde pour la faction Russe la NVS et ces 700 coups à la minute en versions trépied ou bunker mais aussi l’ajout d’un bouclier protecteur pour la mitrailleuse lourde DSHK .

De plus une nouvelle fonctionnalité physique vient de voir le jour la pénétration des balles dans différents matériaux pour le moment implanté que sur le gros calibre de mitrailleuse lourde mais qui devrait arriver aussi pour les calibres plus légers !

Armes Changelog


Heavy machine guns now do even more damage versus infantry targets. Damage versus vehicles remain the same. Heavy machine guns now have a work in progress focus ability like most handheld weapons have, giving you a better sight picture for those critical shots. Minor pass on differentiating the way each weapon deals damage, especially at range. US Automatic Riflemans M249 now has a small and lighter 100 round bag (was 200 round boxes before). Total ammo capacity increased by 100 and weapon sway is slightly lower. Militia got a new version of the M249 SAW, an old school long barreled version with a bit more range than the shortened version. It retains the heavy 200 round ammo boxes.

  • Nous avons aussi droit à pas mal de changements visuels  avec l’amélioration des lumières et des skybox des maps mais aussi d’un post-traitement qui traite mieux les effets de flous , d’occlusion ambiante et de reflets.

Avec cela une amélioration graphique de l’interface du compas plus détaillé et plus précis mais aussi des maps avec une meilleure lecture des objectifs et la mise en place de nouveaux plans de combat sur celle-ci !

Interface Changelog



3D World Markers now only shown in the world within 60m and start fading out at 50m 3D World Markers now stay in the world for 10 seconds Increased number of enemy spotted map markers allowed on the map from 3 to 5. Latest map marker now shown on the compass Map marker placement now works from all vehicle positions All marker icons have been rewritten for better performance

Radial Menu

Added all new radial menu artwork making it easier to place markers, navigate the menu, and maintain awareness Markers are now placeable out to 1km Markers are now placeable from all vehicle seats Updated the Rally Point action text to display the actual distance required for squad members to be near SL to place. Optimization of the radial menu through code optimization and fewer moving parts


Current number of magazines or number of items is now shown when necessary or hidden for non-expendable items. Made the magazine and item count of items slightly bigger and better positioned for better overview Radial menu no longer sticks on the screen if open while map ended

Map UI

Maps now show objective names at all times Maps now show lines indicating the capture order of flags. Fixed various issues where mouse clicks would cut out VOIP input Vehicles are now always color coded correctly. Fixed an issue where vehicle icons would sway when moving up or down hills Flag markers are now positioned correctly with the middle of the flag being the start of the flag zone Fixed flags on the map showing up with the wrong state


  • Pour finir l’apparition d’un WIKI pour tous les nouveaux et anciens joueurs qui voudraient partager et en apprendre plus sur le jeu !!

Il y a encore pleines de petites améliorations que sa soit sur le serveur browser sur l’audio et l’implantation sur steam etc.. que vous pouvez retrouver dans

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