RUST : XP System

Rust continue son petit bout de chemin après sa refonte et c’est non à en déplaire a ça communauté qui rest tjrs aussi constante et active et aujourd’hui les gars de facepunch nous propose un Devlog bien rempli avec l’arrivée du système d’expérience qui donnerons donc un certain sens au farming de ressources et un petit coté pve d’interaction avec les autres joueurs pour gagner de l’xp ainsi que pas mal de fixes de travail sur les donjons nouvelles armes et armures et des armes de jet  ^^

Added Xp + Levelling System Removed Blueprints, blueprint fragments Removed Research Bench Moved crafting menu to its own screen Added search to crafting screen Cleaned up options screen Added motion blur Can write in notes Rock is craftable Added "Barren" map Can always/only craft cap, boonie hat or facemask if you have a steam skin for them Dropped weapons show the correct skin Added EAC launcher UI Bullet weapons are projectile for the first x meters Fixed bullet projectiles not moving until the frame after being shot Added Quick Craft to inventory menu Fixed shadow distance/cascade not saving to config Fixed antialias not working Dragged icons are bigger Added tooltips Nametags are more visible (especially at night) Fixed plants showing #harvest instead of localized string Fixed glowing eyelashes Fixed main menu news image bugs Fixed serverlist scrollwheel speed Water quality defaults to high Death/kill console messages include steamid Added ownership system Harvested skulls show the victim as owner Paper crafts faster Note costs 1 paper (instead of 5) Airfield dungeon reworked Doors, barricaded doors and covers added in dungeons Dungeons higher military crates spawn rate Nerfed pillar and roof stability New aiming system for throwable weapons Throwable weapons now spin Aim throwing while sprinting enabled Standard bows are no longer hostile to helicopters Buffed Eoka pistol (+25% dmg, more reliable) Reduced craft cost of Machete Reduced craft cost of salvaged sword FIsh traps ignore minnows as bait Most craft times reduced and made sensible Buffed stone spear