HEROES & GENERALS : Knights of the Road Update

La mode est aux véhicules et aux déplacements dans les fps et Heroes and Génerals n’y coupe pas et propose une Maj avec de nouveaux véhicules de transports pour toutes ces factions mais aussi avec des meilleurs transitions et maniement de la camera des nouveaux camouflages et pleins de fixes entre autres de déplacement sur les maps etc…



Everhart Update


Action Game Changes


The changes in this section are explained in the news post: “Immersion and Gunplay Tweaks in Everhart”. IK foot upgrades to improve looks and immersion on angled surfaces and when moving in crouch Character movement optimizations to improve feel and immersion Deploy cam upgraded and reworked to provide a smoother transition and enhance immersion Death cam upgraded and reworked Relative mouse input, for decreased mouse latency and better handling Vehicle seat transitions improved (switch/enter/exit) Aligned camera angles (enter/exit) Using hatch-animation when exiting from inside view Seat camera constraint tweaks, to make it feel smoother and more natural Show map animation upgraded Doppler-effect sound fix New optimized camera recoil system Firearm tweaks (improved bullet timing & precision for both mounted and handheld weapons) Added a dedicated button to switch firing mode, and it can now be remapped to another key. Removed map bob (ingame map-bounce when running) Squad orders are now shown in the deploy menu


Weapons & Vehicles


New German Blitz Truck Infantry Support Vehicle New United States CCKW Cargo Truck Infantry Support Vehicle New Soviet GAZ-AAA Cargo Infantry Support Vehicle Minor changes to gun elevation & turret rotational speed to reduce jittering and smoothen movement for the tanks listed below Adjusted Depression / Elevation values on the tanks listed below. For the Soviet tanks this lets them lower their gun a bit more than before to improve gameplay. Light Tanks: Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C, BT-7 Model 1937, T-38 Model 1937. T-70 Model 1942, M5A1 Stuart Medium Tanks: Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J, Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H, Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. G, T-34 76 Model 1942, T-34 85 Model 1944, M4A3E8 Sherman, M4A1 Sherman Heavy Tanks: IS-2 Model 1944 Added the correct weapon sounds for the T-20 Fixed entering T-20 animation issue where the soldiers hand would flip up and down rapidly Fixed sudden change of head / camera position in the T-20 gunner position when zooming out of aimed view T-20 and Weasel no longer count as tank kills in the scoreboard Fixed tripping animation issue when turning 359 degrees in 3rd person in the M18 Hellcat Changes to deploying in halftracks: You no longer deploy directly in to the gunmount When in the gunmount position you will always be able to switch away Reduced ‘Wrench’ from 2 to 1 equipment point and changed the damage to 35 Grenades, mines and rocket launchers now has an ammunition box that needs refilling, instead of ‘repair’. Reduced default number of clips for PPD-40 and PPSh-41 to 2, bringing the total number of bullets in line with the other SMGs


Skins & Camouflages



Added 3 new camouflages for Soviet Infantry, Recon and Paratrooper Palma Amoeba Fall Palma Amoeba Mountain Palma Amoeba Summer


War Map


Removed “Squad has to have resources” requirement from queueing on specific War Battles, this makes it easier to join specific battles. – Having Assault Teams in the battle still gives a higher priority for joining that battle Added 2 new towns in The Netherlands (Gouda and Veenendaal)


Ribbons, Badges & Unlocks


Moved Iron fist Bronze to Chauffeur ribbon grade 2 to 1 Added all 3 new truck unlocks to Chauffeur ribbon grade 2


UI Changes


New faction filter mechanism Global items (top bar) is now less cluttered, options are now in a dropdown with easier access to many items ‘Mute sound’ button has been removed, but volume can of course still be adjusted in the menu. Team kill/damage penalty information has been updated with layout and tooltip. Notifications and messages are now accessed from top left corner Friends list has been changed to a window in order to improve user experience All flash windows follow new unified design rules to make them more consistent and easier to use. Added the option to close any window with a close button in the upper right corner New soldier screen backgrounds with faction color tinting




Updated the Bad Words filter Improved and updated Anti-cheat. Various Backend optimizations Friend list now no longer scrolls to the top when a friend’s status has changed Creating a chat channel starting with Soviet will no longer create a second Soviet Army channel Fixed the source of a time-out issue on the Steam Client Fixed a rare crash occurring when launching First Blood